Fax to Email Service
   Step 1: New Fax Number Selection
Select the state and let us know which city and area code you would like your new fax number to be located in or near.
Select a State:* 
Which City:* 
Area Code:* 
NOTE: If there are no available phone numbers in the city chosen, the area code will be used.
   Step 2: Billing Information
Please provide us with your billing information. This information must match your billing name and address on file with your credit card company.
Full Name:* 
Billing Address:* 
Zip Code:* 
Contact Number:* 
Email Address:* 
   Step 3: Payment Information
Please provide us with your payment details to begin enjoying your new VoIP service.
Card Type:* 
Card Number:* 
Expiration Date:*  / MM/YY
CVV/CV2 Number:* 
Today's Charge:* 
Fax to Email Service Subtotal: $6.95
Regulatory Tax/Fees: 1.00
Due Each Month: $7.95
Regulatory Tax/Fees: These cover USF contributions, E911 service and various taxes that we are required to remit on your behalf for the duration of your account.
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